Sealtech Testing

Let Us Help You Keep Your RV from Future Damage

The key to minimizing water damage in any RV is to quickly find the areas where seals have failed and fix them correctly.

Sealtech Testing allows us to find locations where rain water can enter the RV. For example, a pinhole in the roof sealant can let water enter the RV and often goes unnoticed until the damage is significant. This test can save you from future — and often expensive repairs.

The process is similar to a leak test for propane fittings, which involves applying a soapy solution to connections and looking for bubbles to appear where gas is escaping.

How It Works  — The Sealtech system is positioned inside your RV and connects to any 14-inch roof vent.  Fresh outside air is drawn in, where it is dispersed, creating a positive interior pressure. Then, a soapy solution is sprayed over every penetration or opening that has been cut into the RV exterior, as well as all window, door, and slideout seals. Large bubbles indicate the exact point (or points) of escaping air. Where the air escapes is where water can come in and this must be fixed in order to prevent future damage to your RV.

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